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Community concept design

也就是說,社區不會住滿住戶,而是會有醫療照護,緊急 等共用空間,維護方式和公用帳戶的收入:類似簡餐 蛋糕 咖啡廳 (食材當然是可以設計的)。
需要有銜接社會運作 體制的知識空間,思考如何運用和整體運作方式是重要的。

Design reference
The community needs to consider the movement of mobile transportation,
Children play in the space,
Community for the elderly,
In other words, the community does not live up to households, but instead has access to shared space such as medical care, emergency and maintenance, and public accounts:
There is a need to have a knowledge space that articulates the social functioning system, and it is important to think about how to use it and how it works.

Each house with another window staggered, as far as possible to maintain privacy and visual,
Because there is shared space, consider the emergency traffic moving, so there is buffer space for cargo handling.

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